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With the current situation in the housing market,rising prices and increasing stamp duties it is often cheaper to build up than move out.

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Why have a Loft Conversion?

With the current situation in the housing market, rising prices and stamp duties it is often found to be more cost effective to build up than move out.  As most loft conversions are now able to be easily completed under permitted development rights plus add that to the fact that having a loft conversion constructed on your house can add up to 22% (dependent upon location) to the capital within your property, it makes sound financial sense to construct a loft conversion on your property.

Decision to have a loft conversion made

Once the decision for a loft conversion has been made that the best way to gain that extra living space is by constructing a loft. Valley Loft Conversions would always advise that the client informs their adjoining neighbours of the intent to construct a loft conversion (Party wall act 1996) as by law this civil notification has to take place a minimum of two months prior to commencement of any works, although if your neighbour is agreeable then the loft conversion work can start within the two month notification period (clarification of this can be provided).

Valley Loft Conversions advise that a prospective clients first steps to choosing the right loft conversion company to construct your loft space would always be to check the loft conversion company accreditations, credentials, insurances and also check whether the prospective company has an up to date Health and Safety at work policy in place.  Valley Loft Conversions take all of the above very seriously and are members of both the Federation of Master Builders and the Guild of Master Craftsmen, the quality of our work has had to meet stringent criteria to be able to display these accreditations.

We are fully insured and are always revisiting our Health & Safety policy to protect both the personnel we employ, our clients and the general public.

It is at this initial loft conversion consultation that Valley Loft Conversions will give the prospective client a clear and precise indication of whether the property in question is suitable for a loft conversion and if so what would be possible when converting the attic space into a habitable living area.

Once the loft conversion consultation has been completed, a quotation for the prospective clients forthcoming loft conversion will be sent out in the post. The quotation has been designed to show the client exactly what they are to receive during the construction of the loft conversion from Valley Loft Conversions and will include a suggested plan of the floor layout.


If the prospective client has read and fully understood the loft conversion quotation (Valley Loft Conversions are always pleased to discuss any further questions) and are happy to proceed with Valley Loft Conversions completing the works to their property.  Then upon verbal or written acceptance by the client, contractual paperwork and payment schedules will be forwarded.  A small deposit will be made and contracts are signed to indicate the clients intent to proceed with the loft conversion.  It is at this stage once the deposit has been received that an appointment will be made to allow for the production of construction drawings/structural calculations.

If full planning is required this can usually take approximately between 8 to 12 weeks.

Dependant upon the loft conversion works required most houses do not need full planning as current permitted development rights for loft conversions allow, for terraced properties a cubic volume of 40m and a cubic volume of 50m on semi detached and detached properties.

Once the client has agreed the drawings we will submit these drawings and seek building regulations approval. It is at this time that Valley Loft Conversions will submit a statutory Building Works Notice to the Local Authority Building Control Department informing them of our clients intent to start works on their loft conversion.

A week after this notice is served, work on your property can commence and it is now 5-6 weeks for you to gain your dream loft conversion.

Please note that the above information is meant as guidance only.


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Valley Loft Conversions will at this initial appointment check the viability of your property, whether it is practical to have a loft conversion and discuss your specific requirements. Valley Loft Conversions will then be able to produce a bespoke quotation that is based solely on your needs.
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